During Gamescom in Germany in August, Pocket-lint was walked-through the new user interface for the Xbox One and treated to several of the key features of the new console's front-end. Now you get a chance to see for yourself why we were pretty excited at the time. Microsoft has released a video showing off the dashboard, specifically highlighting the multitasking aspects of the machine and how much the new Kinect sensor will be important to the overall experience.

Switching between media and games without being visibly faced with loading times is an exciting prospect. And snapping applications, such as Internet Explorer, to the side of the screen while your watching a TV show or playing a game is a very tempting proposition. And it's all done through voice commands.

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Even the fact that the Kinect Sensor immediately recognises you and loads your own specific profile - which can happen from any Xbox One, not just your own - seems a simple opening to the video, but is a significant feature in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy.