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(Pocket-lint) - Major Nelson has published a video walkthrough of how the new Friends app will work on the Xbox one.

The video below goes into full detail, but one of the main highlights is that the Friends list on Xbox One will automatically add your Xbox 360 friends. You can also have 1,000 friends and infinite followers now, enabling you to connect with just about anybody your little heart desires.

The Xbox One will subsequently allow people to search your gamertag and follow you too, letting them see your latest game scores, achievements and other things you've shared publicly. You can also see all of your Xbox One and Xbox 360 friends and their activity in your Activity Feed.

There are many more changes included in the new Friends system on Xbox one, such as more ways to connect than simply sending a friend invite. Watch the video above for all the specifics. Also, it's now the Week of Xbox Live, according to Major Nelson. He said Microsoft will therefore share more news and information about what is coming to Xbox Live in the coming days.

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Microsoft has been spilling more details about the Xbox One in general as the console's 22 November launch date nears, so stay tuned to Pocket-lint for all the breaking information. 

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