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(Pocket-lint) - More details about the next-generation Kinect peripheral have emerged as the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One approaches, including new word on the hotly debated idea of targeted advertising.

Many people interested in the Xbox One seem weary of the Kinect's new capabilities, especially in regards to whether it will collect personal data and how much of that information could be used for targeted advertising. Well, today, we finally have an answer, thanks to a rumour-breakdown from Albert Penello.

He's the Senior Director of Product Planning at Microsoft, and he explained in a NeoGAF post recently that Microsoft's Xbox One-Kinect team has no immediate plans to start cropping personal data for better-honed adverts: "Nobody is working on that ... We have a lot more interesting and pressing things to dedicate time towards," Penello wrote.

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The executive also clarified that facial-recognition scans and other types of personal data are not accessible from cloud-based services. That's because they don't even leave the Xbox One. This news should satisfy worried users, though we'll have to wait until the Xbox One with updated Kinect launches on 22 November to see if their demands have really been met.

As for other the feature in the updated Kinect sensor, you can expect to see a 1080p wide-angle, which processes 2GB per second, tracks up to six skeletons at once, performs heart-rate tracking, recognises gestures performed with an Xbox One controller and scans QR codes to redeem Xbox Live gift cards.

Writing by Elyse Betters.