As the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One approaches, more details are emerging.

The Xbox One's Kinect peripheral will be able to understand two people talking at the same time, revealed Microsoft's Phil Harrison at the Eurogamer Expo in London. This means some crazy speech functionality for games and services, especially for families and friends who use the same console.

The original version of the Kinect could understand only one voice at a time. The new Kinect takes things a step further, being able to tell when two people's mouths are moving, even when they're sitting in a dark room.

Other features for the updated Kinect sensor include a 1080p wide-angle that can processes 2 gigabits of data per second to read its environment. It can also track up to six skeletons at once, perform heart rate tracking, track gestures performed with an Xbox One controller, and scan QR codes to redeem Xbox Live gift cards. The microphone remains active at all times by default so it can receive voice commands from the user(s).

The Xbox One with updated Kinect launches on 22 November.