Who knew there could be so much news about a game controller? Microsoft has just announced yet another tidbit concerning its Xbox One, revealing that the upcoming console will support up to eight wireless controllers simultaneously. 

Pocket-lint has already taken an in-depth look at the new and- improved controller from Microsoft, but the company has apparently decided to sweeten the deal a little more by expanding its functionality. On top of a 30-foot wireless range, the Xbox One can connect up to eight wireless controllers at once. That's according to the controller's official page at Xbox.com.

Let's not forget though, developers will need to include the ability to use eight controllers in their games before people can just invite friends over and begin playing as a group. Gamers will also need Microsoft's stunning 120-inch 4K widescreen TV or something (huge) similar if they really want to divide their screen into eighths and still play comfortably.

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It's certainly an enticing feature from Microsoft - especially for those who cannot decide between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Why's that? Well, Sony has confirmed on Twitter that its upcoming console will support only four controllers.