Gamers who like to talk smack will be overjoyed by today's news: the Xbox One and Xbox One Chat Headset feature an improved voice quality that's more premium than what was previously offered through the Xbox 360 and its headset.

Microsoft's Major Nelson detailed on Thursday the hardware changes that are delivering the voice chat enhancements. He said the new console has dedicated audio processing for Xbox One conversations in Skype and multiplayer party chats, while the new controller's expansion port has a beefier data transfer rate.

So, when all that combines with Skype’s audio codec, gamers will have access to "crystal-clear digital audio" via the Xbox One Chat Headset that comes included with the Xbox One console.

Major Nelson sang the Xbox One's praises, emphasising that speech is captured and rendered at 24 KHz PCM. That's triple the rendering sample rate and a 50 percent capture rate improvement compared to the Xbox 360.

"We think gamers will immediately notice the improvement here—whether it’s through crystal clear in-game chats over the Xbox One Chat Headset, through the sound of crisper conversations taking place over Skype or with your multiplayer party chat," wrote Major Nelson in a post on the Xbox Wire.

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Just a heads up: Voice chat requires Xbox Live, and in-game voice chat and Skype require an Xbox Live Gold membership. To listen to an audio sample of the enhanced voice chat, check out the Xbox Wire.