Key features of the new Xbox One games console from Microsoft will require you to pay an annual subscription, the company has confirmed.

Microsoft is finding itself getting lampooned by gamers against the PS4 once again after fans have discovered that they will have to pay £40 ($60) a year to get the new Game recording feature and other features like Skype on the next-gen console.

While most of them will more than likely already have Xbox Live subscription, and would want to to be able to share games content with other like-minded people, that hasn't stopped outraged gamers turning to forums to whinge about the fact they will have to pay for the feature.

xbox one key features like game dvr and skype will require xbox live subscription image 3

Listing what will and won't be included in the Xbox Live subscription on its website, Microsoft has confirmed that users who want to use Game DVR, Skype, Smartwatch, and One Guide on the Xbox One will have to pay $5 a month in the US and £3.33 a month in the UK.

Gamers already need to sign up to the service to be able to access premium entertainment apps like Netflix, play multiplayer gaming and use Internet Explorer on their console, however Microsoft is now adding these features too.

In contrast Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 game recording, sharing and streaming features are not tied to its premium PlayStation Plus programme - Sony's equivalent of Xbox Live.