Gamers, rejoice! Microsoft has just revealed a much desired, timesaving feature of the Xbox One-Kinect experience.

Everyone knows that it's annoying to enter download codes manually, and Microsoft knows this too. The company has apparently listened to consumers' moans and groans, and now plans to adjust the painstaking process of code redeeming.

It was first spotted by Engadget, then Microsoft's Marc Whitten announced on Monday through Twitter that gamers would soon be able to use the Kinect's camera with the Xbox One to scan and redeem codes (or rather QR codes). Posting a recent Reddit image, as seen below, the corporate vice-president of Xbox Live told followers: "To my reddit friends -yup - this works!" 

goodbye 25 digit codes xbox one kinect to scan and redeem download codes image 2

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This type of QR functionality was technically possible in the original Kinect, but Microsoft has only now decided that gamers should spend more time playing titles than using gamepads or controllers to enter 25 digits.