A massive part of the Xbox One on launch will be the addition of the new, second-generation Kinect sensor in every box. Microsoft has now revealed the same sensor for Windows, and is inviting developers to register their interest and take part in the developer kit program to get hold of one in November, before its general availability planned for 2014.

The developers kit will cost $399 (£260), with each package containing a pre-release sensor, SDK and a full final product when it's ready for public consumption. However, not all those who sign up will definitely get one. Thanks to limited spots on the program, Microsoft will choose the winning candidates after is has closed the application phase of the process on 31 July.

The new Kinect sensor offers a number of key new features. As well as those found on the version that comes bundled with the Xbox One, Kinect for Windows offers real-time background removal, meaning foreground people/objects will be captured as if they are on green screen.

If you're a developer, you can apply for the program from www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindowsdev/newdevkit.aspx.