Microsoft has allegedly partnered with Japan's Klab to bring some of its Xbox and PC-based games to iOS and Android, according to a new report.

Nikkei, a media corporation in Japan, reported on Monday that Microsoft would port its games through a licensing deal with developer Klab. Reuters also reported on the story, emphasising Age of the Empires will launch worldwide in 2013 as a free-to-play game. Both reports said other titles would follow.

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Microsoft has published other popular games for iOS and Android devices, but the company is notoriously fussy about where its first-party game franchises will land. Klab offers a number of popular games on Apple's App Store and Google Play, including: Arcadia, Gigabot Wars, Eternal Uprising and Lord of the Dragons.

There are no more details at this time about which other titles Microsoft will bring to iOS and Android.