in the US is claiming it knows the release date of the Xbox One console, even though Microsoft has yet to officially confirm anything.

According to the online retailer, the Xbox One console will be on sale in the USA from 27 November.

"This item will be released on 27 November, 2013," says Amazon confidently.

Amazon has also set a number of games as launching on the same date too, including Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3 Day One Edition and Kinect Sports: Rivals Day One Edition.

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If correct, it means gamers will still have plenty of time to make sure they get one to put under their Christmas tree. However, stock shortages are expected with Microsoft already saying that pre-order sales quotas are selling out around the world.

The suggested release date comes after previous rumours that the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One's big competitor, is expected to launch on 13 November, according to several reports. Two weeks before its big rival.