Pricing for Xbox One games has been unveiled, with Microsoft asking for a full $60 for its first party titles. While UK pricing still remains under wraps, don't expect things to be much cheaper, with the likes of Call of Duty bucking a trend towards the more expensive £50 games.

That said, a straight currency swap to GBP put the $60 asking price around £38, so perhaps the titles will be cheaper. Whether downloadable games represent a saving is still to be announced.

The Xbox One console itself will cost £429 - £80 more than Sony's £349 asking price for the PS4. Whether Sony will match the savings with its first party games as well, we can't be sure. 

Rumours suggest that development costs will rise with the next generation and neither Sony nor Microsoft is to announce pricing for third-party titles, which might prove more expensive.

The major difference with Microsoft's pricing structure relates to how it will handle used games. Already proving controversial, the Xbox One will require an always-on internet connection, with used games being available only from participating retailers.