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(Pocket-lint) - Yes, you did read that title correctly. EA-acquired Popcap, the developers of the already classic Plants Vs Zombies app, has lifted the lid on its next-generation take on the game. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is a third-person shooter that will be released for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, but no word on Playstation 4.

The game - which Pocket-lint laid eyes on in action at EA's E3 conference in Los Angeles - leans heavily on the comedy. Despite looking like a spoof of Battlefield or many of the other first person shooters out there, Garden Warfare is about throwing seeds instead of bullets; it's got all the kitch appeal of Little Shop Of Horrors after a few too many swigs of Miracle-Gro.

Will it be any good? It's tricky to say at this stage. First thing's first: this isn't a first person shooter as is clear from the behind-the-character camera angle. Unlike the usually singular-minded, gun-toting soldier, Garden Warfare looks to rely heavily on different characters' abilities to stave off advancing waves of zombies - just like in the original app. Good to see that it's a title sticking to its, er, roots. 

Boss stages reveal tougher zombies such as Disco Zombie and Gargantuan - each revealed in their own title-laden cut scenes. It's like Tarantino's taken the reins.

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During the presentation we witnessed a four player co-op where different plant characters were utilised for their different specialisms: long-range sniper-like shooting from the cactus; stealth underground sneak from "chomper"; rapid fire shooting from the sunflower and so on.

A curious and surprise title announcement for sure. But we have a lot of love for PVZ already, so here's hoping this one'= will turn out to be just as enjoyable. Take a gander at the trailer above and see what you make of it.

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