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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft unveiled some of the much talked about but never shown features of the Xbox One during its E3 Media Briefing event in Los Angeles. Upload Studio and Twitch will certainly allow the hardcore gamers with a penchant for showing off the chance to do so publicly, while changes to Xbox Live Gold member accounts, including the ability to pay for items using local currency, will be rejoiced in many corners.

Upload Studio was demonstrated with the use of the Xbox One exclusive reintroduction of classic fighting game Killer Instinct. The Rare title was played on the Media Briefing stage and after an entire, spectacular fight was completed, the entire battle was available as a recording.

Certain elements of the fight were then chosen in Upload Studio, and the software edited it in a professional, trailer style manner. This end result would then normally be available to view by other gamers, friends and the like. It's a bit like HTC's Zoe mobile photo software, it seems.

Twitch is to be built into the Xbox One. It allows other gamers to view live streamed play but with a twist. They can comment in real time on a social feed, while the audio of the player is taken and played over the top too. We can see this as being a great way for friends to help each other play through sections of games that one or more find difficult.

As previously revealed, Microsoft is to ditch Microsoft Points in favour of local currency. Rather than having to work out a convoluted exchange rate in your head, you will be able to pay in pounds and pence in the UK.

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to share their games with family members on the same console, regardless of whether they are signed in or not. And finally, you will now be able to have more than 100 friends on Xbox Live. It was locked before.

The Xbox One will be available in November for £429.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 10 June 2013.