We knew that Microsoft would have to show off its Halo franchise for the Xbox One, and while there was no gameplay on offer the teaser trailer revealed by 343 Industries' Bonnie Ross was nothing short of epic.

Depicting a cloak-wearing figure wandering though the desert, initially there was not a hint of Halo to be seen. The figure continues to plod through desert-like land, the wind catching every groove of material - and it looks nothing short of stunning - before a huge alien-like ship surfaces from beneath the sands. With it the cloak's hood falls back to reveal Master Chief as we've not seen him before.

Despite no gameplay shown off, Ross did reveal that the title would run at 60fps on the Xbox One console, so anticipate super-smooth first-person blasting. This is one franchise that's gone from strength to strength - we can't wait to see more.

The game will launch some time in 2014, so perhaps we won't hear much more before next year's E3.