(Pocket-lint) - It's official: Xbox One will be in stores this November, priced at £429. In the US the price is $499, while in Europe it'll be the same €499.

The prices for the next-generation of Microsoft games console were announced at E3 2013, which kicked off today in Los Angeles.

The Xbox One is looking to revolutionise not only gaming, but home entertainment as a whole, looking to integrate television services, with voice and gesture control coming straight out of the box via the new Kinect sensor.

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So there we have it. Aside from controversy over the second-hand market, needing a connection to the internet once a day, it looks like the Xbox One isn't going to break the bank.

For that price you'll get the Xbox One console with 500GB hard drive and Blu-ray player, new Kinect sensor, the new Xbox One controller and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold if you're a new member.

But to commemorate the launch of the new console, there will also be some special-edition bundles available. These will be available to those who reserve the console for day one and will come with special limited edition black packaging, as well as a commemorative "Day One" controller.

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There will also be bonus content specials, so you'll get a benefit in some of those new games too.

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Microsoft will be letting you reserve the Xbox One online, although we've found the link for the UK isn't working yet.

Writing by Mike Lowe and Chris Hall.