When the Xbox One was launched on 21 May, Pocket-lint was chosen to be one of the partners to host Microsoft's official live feed of the event, and we once again have the honour of presenting you with live video of a different, but no less exciting jamboree.

This time, it should be as much of interest to Xbox 360 owners as it is to those looking to snaffle a new console come Christmas time. We're proud to present the live feed of the Xbox E3 Media Briefing, live from The Galen Center in Los Angeles, USA.

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The Xbox team promised that this event will be focused on games, rather than entertainment apps or potential, and there should be one or two surprises along the way. The event kicks off at 5.30pm in the UK, 9.30am PT, 12.30pm ET. It will last 90 minutes. Then, an hour later, the event will be available as video-on-demand.


Pocket-lint is currently in LA at E3 2013. Follow our extensive coverage every day from our dedicated hub here: Pocket-lint at E3 2013.

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