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(Pocket-lint) - After Microsoft's unveiling of the Xbox One at a press event in late-May, details of how the new console would handle used games and its being constantly connected to the internet were unclear. Now the Redmond-based company has offered some clarification  - just in time for E3 whicbegins on Monday, and where it is expected to detail games further.

In a series of blog posts on its website, Microsoft said it would leave it up to games publishers whether or not they want gamers to trade games into participating retailers. In the past gamers could trade, sell or swap any of their console games. Given the way the Xbox One will handle game installs, Microsoft isn't able to keep the same policies.

As for gifting (or selling) games to your friends, they must have joined Xbox Live at least 30 days beforehand. Furthermore, each game bought can be gifted only once, to combat a one time purchase being handed out an infinite number of times through a simple disc install.

To help enforce this the console will have an online requirement. The Xbox One won't require a constant connection as once thought, but Microsoft says the console will need to check-in to the internet once every 24 hours, not only to confirm game installs are legitimate in Microsoft's eyes, but to look for system updates. It's not clear how Microsoft will handle those who can't connect to the internet.

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We'll be on the look out for more details next week at E3.

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 7 June 2013.