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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox One will have the ability to talk to gamers in a Siri-like conversational fashion, according to a speculative report by Polygon.

With E3 - the world's premier gaming trade show - just around the corner, Pocket-lint is expecting Microsoft's primary focus to be all about the next-generation console's games. But there's talk of plenty more Kinect detail to come too.

We've already seen the Xbox One taking on-board voice commands at the launch event in Seattle, but the thinking is that two-way conversations will occur between console and player in the future.

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The report goes on to detail other anticipated features such as the ability for a Skype friend to remotely take over controls to help with tricky sections of gameplay, and the Kinect camera's ability to scan the room for new faces before inviting them to be added to the system.

It all sounds a bit Hal 9000 to us. Just what do you think you're doing Xbox?

The information has come via unnamed Polygon sources, as Microsoft is keeping schtum about any extra details for now. But rest assured, Pocket-lint will be on hand at the E3 convention where we'll bring you the ins and outs of all things Xbox One and next-gen gaming.

Writing by Mike Lowe.