Microsoft's Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) has confirmed that the Xbox One hardware is able to output in 4K resolution and will support 3D content, following the console's big reveal on Tuesday. The official word came during a Yahoo chat session held on Wednesday, at which Hyrb said: "Xbox One supports both 3-D and 4K," when responding to a question.

Of course, games are not yet supported in 4K, as the technology has not been made mainstream to game studios. But on the Xbox One, users will have the ability to play 4K resolution movies through the Blu-ray drive when the console launches later this year, if they have the oh so expensive television to support it. However unlike the PlayStation 4 that won't support 4K games, Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi told Forbes that if the technology did arise, the Xbox One could handle 4K games and other 4K content down the road.

Microsoft has done a bit of future-proofing here, for when 4K makes its way into more homes across the world in the coming years. "There's no hardware restriction there at all," Mehdi said. Until we see the 4K shift, the Xbox One will output games in 1080p.