The new Microsoft Xbox One games console will have the ability to update itself and pick the best time to install those updates, Microsoft has confirmed to Pocket-lint.

"There is nothing more frustrating when you come home and want to play your game or watch your show and you've got to download something and then restart," Ben Kilgore, corporate vice-president for the company's Interactive Entertainment Business division, told Pocket-lint in a one-to-one briefing after the launch of the new console in Seattle.

"We are going to make that just all seamless and invisible to users and make sure your system is always updated with all the latest stuff."

Kilgore says that the new system will download the latest updates when they are available and then find the right time to install them when you're not using the system.

"If it happens to be the sort of thing that needs a reboot we will just do that when you aren't around."

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The new Xbox console is able to do this because of it's new focus on always being on, even when you aren't using it.

"We have a low power mode that allows you to keep the system on all the time and that's how the things like Xbox On feature that allows you to turn on the system by talking to it works," adds Kilgore. "You'll continuously get the updates like that, but it's not like leaving it on full power. It is a low power state."

Kilgore, who says it’s the "most complicated power management system we've ever seen", tells us that the new platform will also make it perfect for Microsoft to constantly evolve the Xbox One console in a much more fluid way than it ever could with the Xbox 360. 

"This is definitely the platform for the future for us. We've made a lot of investments so we can continuously update it and continuously scale and evolve it over time. Are we going to keep updating the UI every couple of years as we have done with the Xbox 360? No, but we are going to continuously evolve it.

"Our assumption is that the world is going to continue to change quickly and we want to make sure we have the right kind of design and architecture to scale with that."