(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox One's new Kinect sensor brings a whole range of improvements over the current generation, but the most appreciated element is likely to be the wide-angle lens.

Talking after the launch of the Xbox One, Harvey Eagle, marketing manager of Xbox UK, candidly regaled us with the familiar tale of having to move furniture out of the way when using the Kinect in typically smaller UK homes.

But the new wider angle lens on the Xbox One's Kinect "improves the play space, so more people can play", according to Eagle, meaning that it will be more appreciated in your cosy living room. Microsoft says that the new sensor is 60 per cent better in small homes.

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Aside from the wider angle lens, the new Kinect sensor also brings improved fidelity and enhanced voice recognition, a major part of the Xbox One experience revealed today at the launch event in Seattle and ditches the motor so you won't have to worry about it moving to detect people in the room.

Microsoft also detailed that the new Kinect would handle a whopping 2 gigabits of data per second, with better recognition for body movements and an enhanced range of gesture controls for navigating your device.

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Writing by Chris Hall.