(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox One launch shows that Kinect - the camera-based device which makes you the controller - is not only here to stay, it will also be amped up a gear to deliver truly next-generation motion and voice-control commands for the next-generation platform.

Kinect will be included in the Xbox One's box when the console makes it to market later this year as it's a key way to control not only the Xbox One's games and fitness titles, but also to shift between the One's operating system, TV, music and the variety of access points in the Microsoft platform - all by the power of voice.

Demonstrated on stage at the Xbox One launch in Seattle, the conversational language used with Xbox One showed off the powerful new Kinect system - and it's far more advanced than the more basic understanding of 2010's Kinect launch, from what we've seen.

Not only is it more conversational, the all-new Kinect system will also be faster and support voice recognition for all the family.

When it comes to analysis of movement the forthcoming Kinect will be even more advanced: it's said to measure more joints than before for the slightest of movements, right down to wrist rotation and more, plus there's a built-in improved understanding of balance, weight transfer and according to the presentation Kinect can even measure your heartbeat.

A whopping 2-gigabits of data per second will be relayed between the real world and Kinect to offer up the most accurate full-body control ever. Sounds like some scientific magic to us.

There's a lot more to learn, and we'll bring you all the Kinect lowdown as and when we have the up-to-date info.

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Writing by Mike Lowe.