Microsoft has revealed the hardware specifications for the new Xbox One. The console will incorporate a full 8GB of RAM, the same as that of the PS4 and crucially, a Blu-ray drive, meaning games and movies can be played from physical discs.

The console also features a 500GB HDD, something which will be a relief to most who were expecting the console to be entirely cloud based. Next come things like Wi-Fi direct and a clever system architecture that involves both Xbox and Windows technology, allowing you to switch rapidly between game and TV.

The console itself is wrapped in gloss black plastic and takes on a similar form to that of the Xbox 360. Microsoft is promising near-silent running, which is a big change from the last-generation console.

Then you have the new Kinect, which is matte in appearance and features a revamped Full HD 1080p camera. Microsoft says the new Kinect is so powerful it can even detect your heartbeat while playing fitness games. The new Kinect will ship with every console.

Microsoft is keeping schtumn about graphical power and processors in the Xbox One for the time being. We will add the moment we know.