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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has announced that the new Xbox will ship with a Skype app. About time for the company's console, which has so far lacked the firm's flagship messenger and VOIP system.

As with everything else on the Xbox One, the app is controlled with voice and gestures, through its Kinect-like system. Obviously, this includes video chat and calls can be answered and ended through voice controls.

The company also says that the new Kinect camera is able to capture video in 1080p, and while Skype is unlikely to support that, it does mean we'll see widescreen and HD video chats.

Furthermore Skype has confirmed that group video chat will be free and you'll be able to have up to four people in a video call at any one time. 

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Sadly however after talking to the lead on the Xbox One Skype integration it seems like it is very early days for the project as the Microsoft division is still trying to work out how to visually show four video screens on your TV at any one time. 

Skype has also refrained from confirming whether XBox Live chat will be using Skype's backbone as the core system on the Xbox One. 

Other unanswered questions we posed to Skype include what happens to the audio if you are watching or playing a game on the console at the same time, and whether you'll be able to set yourself as away if you want to watch or play in peace. 

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Writing by Ian Morris.