Microsoft is about to take the wraps off one of the most anticipated consumer tech gadgets of the year; the new Xbox console, and Pocket-lint will be bringing you all the action live as it happens from the Big Tent event at Microsoft's Redmond campus. 

"May 21 will be an exciting day, and we are honoured you are joining us to mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment. See you Tuesday," says our invite.

You'll be able to follow all the latest stories, watch the live stream alongside our reporting, and see what we've got to say about the new device once we've had a chance to play with it - if there is an it of course, which we suspect there will be. 

Pocket-lint is one of just a handful of UK media who've flown out to the US to catch the action first hand and the only independent site in the UK to be present at the event. 

What are we expecting?

A two-part story with Microsoft using its Redmond event to outline the platform, where the ideas for new console have come from and how it will change the face of entertainment in your living room forever if you opt to sign up. 

Although there will be some gaming news, EA has already confirmed it will be showing FIFA 2014 at the event, we aren't expecting huge news about the individual games, with Microsoft leaving that part of the story for the E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles in June. 

To say there is a lot riding on this reveal would be an understatement. 

Microsoft not only needs to carry the baton carried so far by the Xbox 360 - the leading console in the US for 28 months - but also ensure its new device is powerful enough to stave off attacks from not just Sony with the PS4 and the all but dead Nintendo Wii U, but also Apple, Google, Nvidia and others looking to muscle in on the action for the first time.

Will the new Xbox console be good enough, will we see a new direction from Microsoft, or will it all end up being a wrong step? All the action kicks off 6pm in the UK so tune in to find out.