When Microsoft first demonstrated its IllumiRoom concept as part of CES in January, many - Pocket-lint included - speculated that it would be part of the company's plans for its next-generation Xbox console. And when the MS labs team released a new, 5-minute demo video of the technology, the internet was once again awash with Xbox 720 IllumiRoom rumours.

Now it's been revealed that the concept is not going to be part of the launch of the new games machine next month. Speaking to Engadget, Microsoft Research duo Hrvoje Benko and Brett Jones said the new technology would be shown first in July at Siggraph. That's after the 21 May new Xbox unveiling and even after games industry trade show E3 in June.

That's not to say it won't be available for the new Xbox at some point, however. As it uses a Kinect and a wide-angle projector to beam images on to your living room walls and furniture, extending a game's immersive experience, it's tech that can seemingly be adapted to work even with the current-generation Xbox 360. It's just that it's more likely to appear as an add-on, somewhere down the line.

And we expect you'll have to fork out for your own projector anyway, so take-up could be small.

Nonetheless, IllumiRoom looks rather cool, don't you think?