For fans of addictive, browser-based games, Minecraft creator Notch has put together one of the best. Called Drop, it essentially asks you to type as quick as you can, hitting letters that come flying toward your screen. 

All the while, an optical illusion of never-ending blocks continues to unravel, while music plays each time you hit a key and spell out words. It is very difficult, but incredibly addictive.

The game draws on the likes of QWOP, which also asked typing fans to test their dexterity in using the keyboard to make a runner sprint 100m. 

Notch - or Markus Persson, the Swedish programmer behind Minecraft - put together Drop as a side project. He is better known for Mojang studios' Minecraft, which by April this year had achieved 10 million downloads on computer.

Drop is free to play and can be enjoyed straight in your browser over at the Drop website