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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has released its Xbox SmartGlass application for Amazon's Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets. In the US, anyway. Brits will have to wait a bit longer, it seems, as only Amazon.com is listing the app at present. It is yet to show up on the UK Appstore on either device.

Xbox SmartGlass is a second-screen companion application that works with an Xbox 360, offering certain remote control functionality and additional content for certain video, music and game features.

Some games, such as Forza Horizon, expand the on-TV experience by providing additional modes or guides that help during play. Forza, for example, gives you a live GPS map that stays on the tablet screen while you whizz about in the game environment.

Second-screen features aid video playback, with cast lists and metadata available on the tablet device as you're watching a movie or show streamed on the Xbox 360, while you can also browse through your Xbox Music account more easily using the SmartGlass app than you can with a gamepad.

The Xbox SmartGlass application is free to download, and hopefully Microsoft will be adding it to Amazon Appstores outside of North America soon. It is already available for Windows Phone, iOS and other Android devices from their respective app download locations.

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