The Xbox 720 could be making an appearance as early as May this year. Rumours point to a Microsoft planned event originally pencilled in for April now being pushed back a month.

A story on CVG had pointed to April for the Xbox 720 launch, with the domain being registered, adding further fuel to the fire. Now a rumour from Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott gives 21 May for the launch, with the Verge backing it up.

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The event will focus closely on details surrounding the Xbox 720. The question of the always-on internet connection should hopefully be answered along, we hope, with what it will look like. 

Rumours surrounding the new Xbox's always-on internet connection had previously forced Microsoft to issue an apology, after Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth coined the hashtag #dealwithit. 

While the event should lift the lid on plans for the Xbox 720, expect further details and the meat of announcements to come at E3 this year. The same applies for the PS4 which we hope will finally materialise in hardware form at the gaming expo.