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(Pocket-lint) - British independent movie Pulp is the first film to be available exclusively on Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. Available to buy in standard definition for 1,180 MS points (£10.11), high definition for 1,420 MS points (£12.16), it tracks the story of failed comic book publisher Tony Leary as he unwittingly ends up taking on a Geordie crime syndicate, and has hit the online store now.

Speaking to the BBC, co-director and producer Adam Hamdy explained that the unique debut on a games console for his film came about because of the collapse of the straight-to-DVD market. "The top end of the indie film business in the UK is still pretty healthy, but it's the middle tier and the lower budget tier that's struggling," he said.

"Where they would have been released straight to DVD, the opportunities for doing that have really declined. Retailers have gone out of business because of the threat of piracy and because of legitimate digital downloading. There has been a decline in the middle to lower-budget tier of films that used to get made."

Since its release on YouTube a couple of weeks ago, the Pulp trailer has had almost 1.2 million views. That might partly be down to an extended section, however, which combines a tirade of adult language with an attack on Star Wars.

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Comments underneath the trailer on YouTube have been disabled.

You can find out more about Pulp from its (incredibly well put together) website at pulpthemovie.com.

Microsoft has revealed that it will look to add further exclusive movie releases to Xbox Live in the future.

Writing by Rik Henderson.