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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console code named Durango will ship with a new Kinect sensor by default, according to VGLeaks. The new sensor is said to improve in many areas, including better tracking results in larger rooms. 

VGLeaks goes on to report that developers will be able to integrate the Kinect sensor in their games easier, providing for a more motion-friendly environment with the next-generation Xbox. 

Microsoft first introduced the Kinect in November 2010, and it quickly became the fastest-selling consumer electronic device, with 10 million units moved in the first four months.

The folks in Redmond will be taking the first-generation one step further with a 70-inch by 60-inch field of view, 4 meter depth, 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps colour stream, and USB 3.0 creating for a quick 60 ms latency, according to the report. There will also be a new infrared stream to pick-up a person in different lighting situations. 

This isn't the first time we've heard the Xbox 720 will feature a mandatory Kinect unit, making VGLeaks' news line up nicely.

The news was first shared this month by SuperDaE, who had his house raided for attempting to sell his "Durango" devkit on Ebay and leaking various Durango information to the web.

According to SuperDaE, the new Kinect can track six people at once and has a camera resolution of 1080p. Maybe this information is why Microsoft decided to shut him down.

Many customers complain that the first-generation Kinect doesn't have a large game array. Perhaps by coming by default, more game developers will be prompted to support the PlayStation Move competitor. 

Microsoft is rumoured to be announcing the next-generation Xbox at a press event this spring. By comparison, Sony is announcing its next-generation console on 20 February, believed to include motion capabilities right in the controller.

It's worth noting that these are just rumours and not yet confirmed. 

Writing by Jake Smith.