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(Pocket-lint) - Superdae, the man behind many Xbox 720 and Kinect 2 leaks over the past few months and the one selling an alleged Durango devkit on eBay, now claims he has been raided by police.

Few other details are known at present, but the mysterious "Dan" (@superDaE on Twitter) tweeted three simple words, "Police raided me," earlier today.

He followed that with: "I have no phone. Nothing." And explained that the warrant doesn't mention the Xbox 720 or Durango by name. "I find it hilarious how the warrant only really mentions 'Microsoft', 'eBay', 'Paypal'," he also tweeted.

Superdae is believed to be behind the leaked information which lead to the latest round of rumours, namely that the new console from Microsoft will require a mandatory Kinect connection - with the Kinect sensor getting a major boost in specs - and that all games will require installation.

It is believed, however, that the raid is associated with his selling of the Durango development kit on eBay. The final amount it went for is believed to be more than $20,000, but the page for it has now been removed by the online auction site.

It is unknown whether the devkit was seized as part of the raid. Certainly, it seems other equipment was, as Superdae claims to have been tweeting from an Apple Store.

Writing by Rik Henderson.