Microsoft's Major Nelson has announced that Verizon's Red Box Instant movie service will come exclusively to the Xbox 360 in the near future. 

The Xbox 360 app will allow users to buy and rent movie releases without a Redbox Instant subscription, much like they can at digital kiosks around the nation. Redbox Instant subscribers who are Xbox 360 Gold members will be able to stream a collection of movies unlimitedly as well.

Redbox Instant, currently in beta to select users, is set to launch sometime in Q1. Priced at $8 a month for DVDs + streaming and $9 a month Blu-ray + streaming, along with four one-night credits at Redbox kiosks, Redbox and Verizon hopes to give Netflix a run for its money. 

It looks like Verizon will have quite the ecosystem for its Netflix competitor, as iOS, Android, Vizio, LG, Samsung, Google TV apps have already been detailed.

It's not clear why the Playstation or Wii aren't being offered in the line-up, but Xbox 360 users will surely be excited to take advantage of what Redbox has to offer. 

There's no word on exact availability, but we'll keep you posted. Beta testers will get access in the next few days.