In what must be one of the best customer services responses ever, games developer Bungie has offered to replace the defective disc of a complainant, even though the game in question isn't one of its own.

In a letter to Bungie's customer complaints department, "Timothy" wrote that one of the discs from his copy of Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 was faulty. It was a gift, so he didn't have a receipt, and he tried all manner of other games to prove the disc itself, rather than the console, was the issue. Therefore, he wrote to Bungie asking the studio to address the problem.

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What "Timothy" failed to realise though was that Bungie isn't responsible for Halo 4. The studio that created the franchise in the first place had split its ties to Microsoft and Halo, with 343 Industries taking up the development chores of the fourth in the series.

That hasn't stopped Bungie from sending "Timothy" a copy of the game it is not responsible for from its own archives, however. Now posting an hilarious video explanation. Big thumbs up to the developer and makes us more eager to see something further on its new intellectual property Destiny.