Fans of the NHL can now see the entire 2013 season live and more through their Xbox 360s, no matter where they are in the world. Well, as long as they're Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

NHL GameCenter has launched on the service and subscribers will get a hell of a lot of ice hockey for their bucks ($49.99 for season). The new season starts tomorrow, 19 January, so GameCenter makes its way from the web to Microsoft's console just in time to see the first face-off and adds Kinect control for good measure.

There are a number of cool features for hockey fans. Not only are there live games and replays, with HD-quality video and the ability to select a home or away audio feed for each broadcast, but there are also real-time game scores, player stats and team standings to see and access.

You can also personalise the service to keep up with up to five teams. And there's a split-screen mode so you can watch the game you're most interested in, while keeping an eye on another. Or have the other screen filled with stats.

An NHL Vault also offers more than 800 classic games to watch.

NHL GameCenter is available as an app to Xbox Live Gold members now.

Pic: (cc) Kaz Andrew