A whole swathe of new applications are coming to Xbox Live by next spring - 40 of them worldwide, in fact. And several are due next week, including UK debuts for SkyDrive, Napster and Karaoke, a hub for the Karaoke Channel.

SkyDrive support will allow you to access your Microsoft cloud service through the console, meaning that you can view your remotely stored photos and videos on your TV. The Napster app will sync with your music streaming account - a surprise perhaps, considering Microsoft is currently pushing its own Xbox Music service. And Karaoke offers access to the Karaoke Channel's 8,000 plus songs to sing along to, with your avatar appearing on a virtual stage. It also features Xbox SmartGlass support.

The Karaoke app should be available to download on Xbox Live from today.

Other apps coming to the UK over the coming months include Deezer, Sainsbury (presumably a shopping portal) and Livesport.tv. You can check out a whole list on Major Nelson's blog at majornelson.com.

You may need an extra subscription for several of the services, and some of the apps will be available only to Xbox Live Gold members.