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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox SmartGlass for iOS is now available as a free download from iTunes and, unlike its Android equivalent, features support for tablets - the iPad family - and Forza Horizon.

It is able to run on devices loaded with iOS 5.0 or above and offers the entire feature set boasted by the Android version awarded App of the Day last week, plus support for the gaming aspect - although, at present, that only applies to Forza Horizon and the Kinect game Home Run Stars.

Android owners will be fuming, however, that there still doesn't seem to be an update for their flavour of Xbox SmartGlass. Released last week, it does not offer the game compatibility and is glitchy. In addition, Microsoft has yet to offer official support for Android tablet devices.

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Owners are able to "side load" the app - by either downloading it from an app store that isn't Google Play or downloading it via a smartphone and then transferring the APK over using a PC connection (a faff for sure) - but with Apple iPad users having the fully featured app, it must rankle.

One small consolation is that we've heard Xbox SmartGlass for iOS doesn't feature native iPhone 5 screen support (to fit the widescreen display).

What do you think of Xbox SmartGlass for iOS? Let us know in the comments below...

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