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(Pocket-lint) - Xbox 360 gamers have been told to get ready for the new update coming soon, which will bring new features such as SmartGlass and Internet Explorer to their console.

In a letter to Xbox Gold Live members Microsoft has told customers: "An Xbox LIVE service update is coming soon."

The new update will include several new features to enhance the search experience on the console, including more voice capabilities, so you can bark more orders at your TV.

"The update will allow you to search for content by category or genre, and then filter your results into a number of subcategories," details Microsoft. "Use your voice to easily search for movies, TV shows, music and games with your Kinect for Xbox 360."

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Xbox SmartGlass is a new feature that will let you "control entertainment on your console with the new Xbox SmartGlass app" on your Windows Phone, Android and iOS tablet or phone.

The new SmartGlass feature is already starting to make its way into some of Microsoft's new games. Dance Central 3, due out in the UK on 19 October, features additional content and controls for you and your friends.

In the game, friends will be able to load up the next track while you are strutting your stuff in your living room, for example.

Microsoft has yet to confirm when the update will land, but it looks like we won't have long to wait.

UPDATE: We've now played with the update in Pocket-lint Towers. Find out what we think of it in our Hands-on: Xbox 360 Dashboard Update (Fall 2012) review.

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Writing by Stuart Miles.