The playable demo for the much anticipated new chapter in Microsoft's Forza series, Forza Horizon, is now available for download on Xbox Live.

Prepare yourself for a further wait, however, as it's a whopping 1.57GB so could take you a fair while if you don't have fibre optic broadband.

We think it'll be worth it, with Pocket-lint being wowed by the E3 demonstration race in June and subsequently when we went hands-on with more of the game during a preview event last month. Then, we boldly stated: "Forza Horizon feels like it's going to bring thrills and spills the Forza world hasn't yet seen. Are we excited? You bet we are." Strong words indeed.

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The demo is set in a fictional version of Colorado and offers a sampling of cars that will appear in the full release version of the game. Several different event types are available to try, including Horizon Festival events on dirt roads and a street race over the Finley Dam.

In addition, all players who download the demo will get a specially designed 2013 SRT Viper GTS when they buy the full game and play it online.

There's one warning though: you will need an Xbox Live Gold account to download and play the demo.

Forza Horizon will be available in the UK on 26 October in a Limited Collector’s Edition and a Standard Edition, at around £60 and £50 respectively.