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(Pocket-lint) - An auction of what is purported to be a Durango development kit has started on eBay... again. And it's currently standing $15,100 after 24 bids with more than six days to go.

"Durango" is Microsoft's code name for what is otherwise known as the Xbox 720, the company's next-generation console, rumoured for a 2013 launch (at next year's E3). It is know that development kits have been given to select software houses, but this is the first time one has appeared "for sale" to anybody with a significant amount of cash.

The seller, who calls himself superdae on both eBay and Twitter, is the same source that leaked images of both the devkit and the Kinect 2 screenshot last week, with the former being confirmed as genuine by developers working in the games industry.

It is the second time that superdae has listed the Durango devkit in a week, with the previous attempt to sell the machine (which looks much like a PC externally). As he revealed on Twitter yesterday: "Buyer was a non-payer, had some stupid excuse. Will relist asap."

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Pocket-lint has contacted Microsoft to find out its thoughts on superdae's actions, we'll update when we know more. However, it doesn't seem he's particularly bothered about any sort of investigation. As he posted on Twitter: " 'sale of stolen property' now what kind of evidence do they have to support that? None."

He also said that what he is doing isn't illegal. "What are they going to do? Sue me for pictures of a PC etc? They have no legs to stand on. I'll be sure to countersue if required," he tweeted.

What do you think? Genuine or not? And, if so, should superdae be selling it in the first place? Let us know in the comments below...

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