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(Pocket-lint) - Some games developers are unsure whether the Microsoft Surface for Windows RT or Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro tablets will have what it takes to knock Apple's iPad off its pedestal. At least, for now.

Speaking to gaming website Eurogamer, several software studios have explained that they are reticent in rushing to develop for the new tablet platform. One studio head, Nick Baynes - former game director at Split/Second developer Black Rock, now at Big Bit - believes that Apple can sleep soundly, and that Android device sales will be more at risk when Microsoft Surface, er, surfaces.

"I don't think iPad has anything to worry about for now," he said. "But consumers who are considering an Android tablet may prefer to go with a Windows-branded device for consistency with their PC set up.

"Everyone is talking about Surface being a challenger to iPad - but unless I'm mistaken, Surface Pro is actually taking the Macbook Air head on, and that's where I think it will have the most success." 

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Ben Murch of Rodeo Games has even stronger feelings. "As a developer, it has a long way to go before it's anything Rodeo would look at supporting," he told the site. "Apple have over 300 million devices all embracing the App Store environment that a small studio like us can compete in."

James Duncan, creative director at RedBreast Studio, is more positive in his outlook, however. He believes that Xbox SmartGlass integration in Windows 8 could help Microsoft Surface no end. "There are some clever, considered touches there," he said. "It's clearly been designed to kick start Windows 8 as a viable tablet contender."

What do you think of Microsoft Surface? Can it take on the iPad? Let us know in the comments below...

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