"Amazing games are coming." These are the words of Microsoft, which has spoken about how it is making it easier for developers to produce games for its new Windows Phone 8 platform, thanks to native code support.

Speaking at its Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco, Microsoft also added that applications from the PC could also easily be transferred over.

“Both the PC and the phone will have the same graphic support,” said Joe Belfiore, manager of the Windows Phone programme at Microsoft. “Taking an app from the PC to the phone is very straightforward.”

microsoft going big on gaming with windows phone 8 image 3

Indeed it would appear to be, with Microsoft demoing Big Fish’s Solitaire Golf on a Windows Phone 8 device. Microsoft claimed that the development for the application took just two weeks from being transported from the iOS platform.

Sadly there’ll be no update for current Windows Phone 7.5 Mango users to Windows Phone 8, meaning keen mobile gamers will need to invest in a new phone if they want to play the likes of Solitaire Golf.

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