There’s now yet another reason to tune in to this evening’s Euro 2012 football match between England and France, with the trailer for the hugely anticipated Halo 4 scheduled to make its worldwide debut during halftime.

The full-length trailer will appear during the ad break on ITV at approximately 5.45pm and should help take our minds of the pasting England are receiving at the feet of the French - or, thinking positively, provide even more incentive to bay for blood in the second half. 

Halo 4 was showcased at E3 in Los Angeles last week and Pocket-lint was there to see the latest instalment in the gaming franchise first hand.

Sadly we’re going to have to wait until 6 November 2012 to get our mitts on the final version of the game when it arrives on Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Be sure to tune into ITV this evening, but if you really can’t wait until then, and keep this very quiet, you can see the full-length trailer below. Ssssshhhh!

Are you excited by Halo 4? Let us know.