(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is rumoured to be launching a competitor to Apple's AirPlay technology at the E3 gaming convention in LA on Monday.

Called Smart Glass, the rumours suggest two elements to the project.

The first is that will be a physical tablet running Windows 8, the other more plausible rumour is that Microsoft is about to introduce a suite of apps that will run on Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, and Android devices - allowing users to stream content from their mobile device to the Xbox 360 and ergo a big-screen television.

According to The Examiner, the US website that has broken the news, users will be able to control their Xbox 360 remotely while applications such as Youtube, Netflix, and Vemo will be accessible through the tablet. 

Sources suggest a "demo at E3 will be shown, but no live video will be featured".

Microsoft has already started dabbling with phone-to-console connectivity with the Windows Phone 7 companion app that allows users to use their phone as a remote control from the sofa. That app is available only on Windows Phone, however. This endeavour, if true, would open up that functionality to a lot more people.

Microsoft's E3 press conference is on Monday 4 June at 6pm UK time. Pocket-lint will be in attendance, bringing you all the latest news as it happens. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.