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(Pocket-lint) - Halo developer Bungie's next game, a MMO first-person shooter called Destiny, will be released in Autumn 2013 for Xbox 360 and, dum dum dum, the Xbox 720.

The contract between the studio and publisher Activision has been made public as part of Activision Blizzard's lawsuit against former Call of Duty developers Jason West and Vincent Zampella, and it covers a launch version for the "next Xbox".

In addition, it refers to Microsoft's next generation console as the Xbox 720 - not Durango. However, as the contract was drawn up two years ago, the Durango name wasn't used at that time. What is more interesting, however, is that Activision had clearly been under the impression that the new machine would be out in 2013. It is unlikely that it would commission a version of a game that it couldn't release.

The contract also reveals that Bungie is to make four "sci-fantasy, action shooter games", covering three sequels. And that although the first Destiny game will be an Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 exclusive for 2013, a PS3 version is to be developed and released a year later in "Fall 2014".

Finally, the Bungie Activision agreement also covers the PlayStation 4, but not until Destiny 2. The first sequel is to be available for Xbox 360, Xbox 720 and PS4.

So, does this all mean that we're about to get a major unveiling at E3, specifically by Microsoft? Pocket-lint's sources continually say not. E3 2013 is a far better bet for a Xbox 720 launch, perhaps with a quick turnaround to get it into shops by Autumn 2013. After all, there have already been reports that the console has entered the early stages of production.

What do you think? Xbox 720 for 2013? And what about Destiny. are you looking forward to Bungie's next game? Let us know in the comments below...

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 16 April 2013.