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(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft was released for download today, and Pocket-lint suspects that it could well have been the biggest launch on Xbox Live so far. Although we don't yet know many copies have been downloaded on day one, just checking out the amount of ratings it's had (which score it as four-and-a-half stars), we've got a fair idea that it's been extremely popular.

At our last count, it had more than 127,000 user ratings, which is staggering as it's only been out a few hours. Obviously, not all of those may have downloaded the game, and fewer of them might have bought it outright - opting to take the free trial version for a spin first - but we've still never seen anything like it.

The game's arrival on Xbox Live is part of a good few weeks for Microsoft, with Trials Evolution and indie hit Fez also proving to be extremely popular since their arrivals in April. However, even they would be hard pushed to match the fanatical adoration Markus "Notch" Persson's Minecraft garners.

Professional reviews are also pouring critical acclaim on the Xbox version, with Eurogamer calling it "arguably a purer version of the game, and certainly a great point at which to start playing".

And with the impact it's had so far, who's to argue with that?

Pocket-lint will be reviewing Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition soon, where we'll let you know exactly what we think.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.