If you’re someone who likes to throw a bit of bling into your gaming experience then you may want to start saving the pennies for one of these bad boys. They will be available for a cool $54.99 and come in metallic blue, red and silver while all three will feature Microsoft’s transforming D-pad.

The Chrome series won’t be to everyone’s taste and already critics have begun speculating what a haven for grubby fingerprints the design will prove to be. Yet there’s no denying they each possess a certain standout quality that will most likely count as job done for Microsoft.

There’s no news on a UK launch just yet, so before you start choosing your favourite it’s worth considering that there’s no guarantee all that any will reach these shores. However, stateside and the blue variant will be available exclusively from GameStop, while Walmart will be selling the red version and both Best Buy and Microsoft stores will be stocking the silver version. An on-sale date of mid-May has been mooted.

Will yo be buying an Xbox 360 Special Edition Chrome Series Wireless Controller? Let us know.