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(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox 720, codenamed Durango, will purportedly be the first Microsoft console to come with Blu-ray drive. It will also require an always-on internet connection for anti-piracy measures and sport two graphics processing units.

Gaming site VG24/7 reports that its sources have also claimed that Microsoft is aiming for a Christmas 2013 release date for the new console, which is also rumoured to be the window Sony is looking at for the PlayStation 4/Orbis.


It is believed that details on the new machine are currently being released to third-parties, including major developers, and VG24/7 states that the specifications include either four (quad) or six core processors. Microsoft is definitely looking to make the successor to the Xbox 360 a true powerhouse.

The rumour that it will now come with a Blu-ray drive is the second time we've heard such a thing. Back in January, we ran a story that the new console would come with both Blu-ray and Kinect 2, but were sceptical of the former as Pocket-lint itself had heard from Microsoft a while back that it was more likely the company would look to move its content delivery to digital download only. We even heard the same at the beginning of last month.

If true, however, it will mark an amazing u-turn by Microsoft, which previously shunned the Blu-ray format in favour of the now defunct high definition disc rival HD-DVD.

Perhaps the most alarming rumour for many though, is that of the Durango needing an always-on internet connection. It was suspected that something like this would be required to authenticate discs and lock them to user accounts, thereby restricting the resale of games, but this is the first time a "source" has confirmed such.

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Will the need of an always-on internet connection stop you buying the next Microsoft machine? Or is your Xbox 360 connected permanently anyway? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.