The Sony Pictures owned video on demand platform Crackle has landed on the Xbox 360.

We know, who would have thunk it - Sony and Microsoft playing nicely when it comes to consoles? But they are and, as a result, Xboxers now have access to all of the streaming delights that Crackle has to offer.

Delights such as the animated Jackie Chan Adventures, Cruel Intentions 2, Gladiator (the Cuba Gooding Jr boxing movie, not the Oscar winning Ridley Scott epic) and The Three Stooges in Orbit.

Okay, so we're being a bit cheeky with our mocking - Crackle does have its own original programming as well, to sit alongside its "hit" movies including Trenches and The Bannen Way, and is another free outlet for Xbox Live members to satisfy their streaming needs.

And it's all Kinect-magic compatible too - so it's a one-up on the PS3 version.

"Crackle is the single best multi-platform source of free, ad-supported Hollywood films and television series," said Phil Lynch, VP Digital Networks and Games at Sony Pictures Television. "By our continued emphasis on cross-platform distribution, we are bringing an unparalleled viewing experience directly to Crackle's target demographic of 18-34 males through their internet-enabled devices. We are thrilled to be a part of Xbox Live's entertainment expansion."

Crackle joins the likes of Vevo, Screenrush, Muzu, MSN, Demand 5, 4oD, Lovefilm, Sky and Netflix on Xbox's VOD roster so it's up against some tough competition.

But can any of those services pipe full length episodes of The Big Guy And Rusty the Boy Robot in to your living room? Thought not.....

It's available now - fire up your 360 and take a look.